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A professional and thorough home inspection is very important in the real estate business but there are other services I can offer.

As realtors you and your team can be very busy and it may seem like theres never enough hours in the day. You've got contracts to write, phone calls to make, homes to show and closings to take care of. How are you ever going to find time to take pictures of that new listing? You dont have a good camera and your smart phone just doesn't do the job you want. You've been meaning to take the sign down on the place that closed a couple weeks ago but you've been too busy and you've got another sign that needs to go up on another new listing but it's 20 miles away ! And another listing north of town is out out flyers ! Concentrate on what you do best and let me do the running around!


Real Estate Photography - Among other things, I 've been an amature photographer for over 15 years. I've taken photos of new listings for several realtors. To get good photos of your new listing takes at least an hour or two plus weeding through the photos picking the best ones and editing them. Do you have the time ? I can take up to 100+ photos of your listing weed through and edit them and leave you with 75 - 80 quality photos for your flyers and web site. You of course wouldn't use them all at once but if it doesn't sell as quickly as you'd like you have enough to keep the listing fresh and updated ! 


SignsPutting up and taking down signs itsn't that big a deal if you have time but if you have a lot going on it can be a real pain. Just let me know where you need them placed or removed and I'll take care of it for you ! You have more important things to do.


FlyersFlyers are a simple but important part of letting people know about your listing. Do all of your listings have flyers or are they all gone ? Let me know which ones you want checked or refilled and I'll make sure it gets done. After all, you've got a contract to finish and two showings this afternoon. You dont have time to drive 20 minutes just to drop off a dozen flyers !!


Property Management - If you or someone in your office handles property management, you know that there always seems to be a tenant that has an issue. More than likely it's something pretty simple. Whther it's a jammed garbage disposal, a leaky toilet, a plugged sink or a light switch or fixture not working, it's just one more thing on you plate you have to deal with. Or do you ? Give me a call. I'll check it out let you know whats going on and if I can take care of I will. Thats why I'm here !


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